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Nutrition & Homeopathy Services:


Nutrition Consultation & Report (1hour), £150

A Nutrition consultation goes beyond diet and supplements. Prior to your appointment I will ask you to fill out an online Health Profile Form, so I can start to know your medical history, how is your digestion, any presenting symptoms, to have a general idea of your health (endocrine system, immunity, heart, hormones, detox pathways, etc.), and lifestyle. During our time together I will go into more details about your food habits and we will discuss your goals. I will then study your case and send you a report with the Nutritional Plan to support your health and plant the seeds to achieve the desired results. This is the first step of your well-being journey! 

Two Nutrition Consultations (1hour each), plus one Hair Tissue Mineral Test and Analysis on the second appointment £350

After the initial Nutrition Consultation, you will receive the test kit by post with the instructions on how to take the hair sample and post it in a pre-paid envelope to the laboratory (if your hair is treated or colored, please wait 6 weeks before cutting the hair from the new growth). I will receive the raw data three weeks after, analyze and prepare an individualized report to discuss with you on your second Nutrition Consultation.
This test gives us an indication of the last 2-3 months at a cellular level regarding your thyroid and adrenal functions, sugar sensitivity, vitality, and toxic metals. After analyzing the test results (raw data) I will be able to target specific minerals with a nutritional plan and discuss it with you during the consultation. 

Homeopathy Consultation (1 hour), £100

The essence of Homeopathy is to improve the person’s Vital Force and encourage the body to heal and repair naturally. Prior to your consultation, I will ask you to fill out an online form, with questions related to your general health and to the symptoms you are experiencing. During the appointment I will ask about your medical history, level of energy, emotional state, lifestyle, likes, and dislikes. 
Once our time comes to an end I will study the case and prepare the remedies to post them to you (mostly free of charge). Eventually, I might recommend a homeobotanical tonic, mother tincture, or cell salt to support your recovery.

Nutrition/ Homeopathy Student Supervision (1 hour), £70

Going through cases together, especially if they involve a GI Map test or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, can enable students to fulfill their potential and consolidate their learning. I provide support files and I can help you improve your computer skills too, if necessary (formatting assignments, tabulating, and preparing handouts to patients).

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