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5-a-day Free Printable


After downloading and printing the file, write down your start date, and every day add the names of the fruits and vegetables you have consumed. Remember we are aiming for at least 5 a day.

You can use the food lists to get inspired and also to cross the ones you have consumed already, so you can look for new ones the next day.

For more about my 5-a-day challenge, click here.

To download the Free Printable files you just need to click below on the English 🇬🇧🇺🇸 or the Portuguese 🇧🇷🇵🇹 version :

5-a-day ingles.png
5-a-day portugues.png

Note: sorry but I don't offer any guidance on how to use Excel or Numbers, unless as part of a supervision session. 



This is an automated Homeopathic Repertory Sheet.

You can add your logo on the top left corner, name, case reference (patient's name and date of birth), and up to 8 symptoms.

Then you just need to add the numbers (1-4) to each remedy, according to your Repertory Book, and the file will calculate the total for you. Once you finish adding all the information, just export it as PDF and voilà.

To download the spreadsheet you just need to click on the GREEN button for Excel or GREY button for Numbers (iMac).

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